October 15th-16th

Night Poker Run and Last Chance Poker Run has been canceled




Club Bio:


Trailsmen Motorcycle Club, Inc. was founded in 1972.  The club is involved in various stages of trail development within the Tillamook State Forest and has been since it's inception. The club sponsors poker runs and an annual "Kid's Field Day" for our younger riding enthusiasts. Events are the clubs primary source of fund raising for our trail maintenance program.  What can not be raised is donated personally by members through the volunteer of time, money and equipment.


During the "riding season" (May through October) poker runs feature two courses, "Hard" and "Easy".  The "Hard" course is typically 40-50 miles in length and for the more experienced rider, who wants a challenge.  The "Easy" course runs about 25-30 miles and is suitable for all ages.


The Kid's Field Day program is an all day event where children ride a closed course supervised by Mom or Dad, where they navigate through "riding" games, to learn and improve their riding skills and trail etiquette.


The club holds regular monthly trail maintenance "work parties" in partnership with the Oregon Department of Forestry to build and maintain trails and bridges for all types of riders to enjoy.  In addition, the club participates in the Oregon Department of Transportations "Adopt a Hwy" Program, cleaning up trash along 2 miles of Hwy 6.


Best of the riding seasons ups and downs to all!

From the Men and women of -

The Trailsmen Motorcycle Club, Inc.

Yamaha Grant: will fund new "Elmer's Trail" project

Recently our club was awarded a $9,800 grant from Yamaha Corporation.  Our Secretary/Treasurer Lahna Fox submitted the application on behalf of the club and Oregon Department of Forestry.  Without the award from Yamaha, there would be no new "Elmer's Trail". The ODF "no new trails" mandate is in effect due to recreation funding restrictions.  In the fall of 2010, after several meetings attended by Joe Barrell and Lahna Fox, upper ODF management gave conditional approval of the project only if the club was able to obtain funding from outside sources.  It was a lengthy and time consuming project, but well worth the effort.

                   See trail pics from start to finish under trail maintenance.